Poppy Selling

In Flanders fields the poppies blow.  Between the crosses, row on row... John McCrae 1915

poppy selling The red poppy worn around the world in remembrance of battlefield deaths has nothing to do with the blood shed in the brutal clashes of World War I.

Instead it symbolises the wild flowers that were the first plants to grow in the churned-up soil of soldiers' graves in Belgium and northern France. Little else could grow in the blasted soil that became rich in lime from the rubble. Their paper-thin red petals were the first signs of life and renewal.

The Royal British Legion adopted the poppy as a symbol of remembrance in 1921

Can you spare a few hours  in November to help us raise money to help veterans and their families?

 If you’d like to volunteer during the Poppy Appeal, please get in touch with your local Royal British Legion Branch as soon as possible. This is a very busy time for all involved, so the earlier you can commit to volunteering the easier we can arrange i

If you are interested in helping please contact us here.


poppy sponsorWould you like to raise money for the Royal British Legion, how about being sponsored for doing something  that is challenging but is something you enjoy?

Sponsorship is a very popular way of fundraising. Sponsorship means that a someone agrees to pay money to your charity if you do something on the charities behalf. An example is you may be sponsored for a sponsored walk. Sponsors may say they will pay £50 (for example) if you finish the walk. Alternatively they may sponsor you £5 for every mile you walk.

There are lots of ways you raise money through sponsorship and do and they don't have to be physically exerting.

If you like the idea of raising money for us then visit our link here we will send you a fund-raising pack